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If you’re looking for martial arts lessons for adults or even for the whole family in the Pleasantville & Nyack area, and other Rockland and Westchester county areas, you’ve come to the right place!

In our totally unique, innovative Kung Fu program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family in virtually any situation, but you’ll also quickly (and safely) build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility, and gain a greater sense of peace and quiet self-confidence.

Imagine walking into the board room or into the boss’s office to ask for that long overdue raise with a new sense of confidence and certainty. You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our Chinese Martial Arts and Educational Center innovative martial arts lessons for adults!

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Our Adult Programs

Basic level or Black Sash Leadership Kung Fu program gives you the foundation of striking, stances, and practical self- defense along with a great workout. Adults learn the full Shaolin Northern Curriculum & some Southern material. Everyone works at their own level and pace while being encouraged to work hard to achieve their physical and martial arts goals. In classes we incorporate kung fu forms, pad work & sparring, weapons training and simple, practical to advanced self defense skills.

We have a special training program for our most dedicated students that provides an intensive curriculum with even greater in detail and diversity. The Academy’s Black Sash Program provides these students with the full spectrum of training necessary to prepare for and achieve a Black Sash degree. Our elite Black Sash Leaders (including Chinese kick boxing), enroll in the Masters Weapons Program, attend Leadership workshops & receive special discounts on equipment & seminars. Those that are committed reap all the rewards. Leadership students are also eligible for the instructor program(s).

Our Teen Program is focused on giving an amazing experience physically, mentally, and socially. The Shaolin Kung Fu Teen class works through our Northern & Southern kung fu curriculum, Wushu training, traditional forms, weapons training, padwork, sparring & self-defense. It gives them the right kind of challenge in pushing their bodies, giving them physical demands as well improving their confidence & self-esteem – feeling good & looking good. They are around other students who are working toward their own personal goals and together support one another creating life long friendships. We also arm them with personal development tools to enhance their communication & confidence. Classes also teach powerful & practical self defense skills and teach awareness of environment, giving them a higher degree of safety when outside the school. The teen level also is encouraged to help out in the younger classes to assist and help teach the kung fu material.

Defined as Eternal Spring, Wing Chun is a system of Southern Kung Fu inspired by the movements of the Snake & Crane. Legend goes that a Shaolin nunm, Ng Mui, taught Yim Wing Chun and was passed down from teacher to teacher to most notably in our life time IP Man who was the instructor of many Wing Chun disciples as well as the practitioner of Wing Chun, Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is a close range fighting system, focusing on body structure as well as understanding your centerline for defensive purposes, as well as striking down the centerline. Although Wing Chun is powerful, relaxation is key. To be fast you must not always be in a tense state, to get back on defense this is important as well. Trapping Skills and being sensitive to an opponent’s movement(s) is also a hallmark of Wing Chun. The system frequently utilizes pinning/trapping techniques to immobilize the opponent’s strikes or movements.

Kicks in Wing Chun are mostly directed at the lower half of the body. Wing Chun kicks are designed to knock an opponent off balance, break their leg, or to bring an opponent on their knees. Elbows & Knees are very common as the distance is closed and a punch, palm or kick may be not as effective or the best option due to the range.

Major Forms consist of:
Sui Nim Tao (“Little Idea”), Chum Kiu (“Seeking the Bridge”),
& Biu Tze/ Biu Ji (Darting Fingers)
Forms and drills are also practiced on Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)
Weapons include Luk Dim Boon Gwun (“Long Pole”) & Yee Jee Seung Do (“Butterfly Knives”)
Other notable drills include Chi Sao (“Sticking Hands”) & Chi Geok (“Sticking-Legs”)



Sifu McCusker ‘s Instructor Program is available to select students who wish to make teaching the art of Kung-Fu a part-time or full-time part of their life. This program takes a student all the way to 3rd degree Black Sash and prepares them for all aspects of teaching the CMAEC curriculum.

Students train with Sifu directly and receive a full instructor certification from him upon completion.

Tai Chi is a graceful, slow-moving exercise system that promotes muscle relaxation and flexibility by reducing physical tension and strain. Since it is particularly beneficial for the joints, Yang style Tai Chi is popular for the older generation but the benefits are ideal for everyone. “Chi Kung/Qi Gong” exercises, a part of the curriculum, gently open up the major joints of the body, in sequence, from the head to the ankles.

The program is taught by Sifu Tom McCusker, a practitioner of the martial arts for over 25 years. Tai Chi has been shown in clinical studies to improve balance and coordination, and to promote deeper breathing. Studies also suggest that Tai Chi may help to alleviate muscle aches, arthritis, & fatigue.

Are you bored with your aerobics class? Are you looking for a high intensity workout that will increase your strength & flexibility while burning fat? Then Cardio Sanshou kickboxing may be for you. It is a cardiovascular workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts, and traditional aerobics into a 45 minute exercise routine. No moves to memorize, no bumps and bruises… just an intense workout!

Level 2 is worked into our regular kung fu class times & through seminars. Shaolin style kickboxing, Sanshou, basic boxing, Chinese wrestling, and other methods are used to not only give you a great workout but give you skills to make your body move efficiently with each strike. The program also enhances your timing and understanding distance engagement. We also give you a unique understanding on “bridging”.

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Kung Fu, In Studio

My daughter started when she was six years old, she is now 13, and is still taking lessons. Sifu Tom, is very experienced, knowledgeable and a fun instructor. Both kids and Adults enjoy his classes


Kung Fu, In Studio

“An excellent teacher with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Sifu Tom – recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame – knows how to get the best out of his students while balancing how the art of Traditional Kung Fu is applicable in real life situations and to understanding the foundation of Kung Fu. I have trained under Sifu Tom for 4 years now and respect him greatly for all he has taught me”


Kung Fu, In Studio

“Sifu Tom has taught my son for over 8 years. He is an excellent teacher who brings out the best in his students–from young children through adults. In addition to teaching the skills of Kung Fu, he focuses on respect and integrity, as he develops discipline and confidence in his students–skills that carry over into all areas of life. The atmosphere in the Pleasantville school is like an extended family get-together, where everyone is welcome. I am very thankful that my son has had an opportunity to learn and grow at CMAEC.”